Tapion Tupa

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A warm welcome to enjoy your holiday!

From inside

Originally, this building was part of Kevätniemi Saw Mill. Established in 1902, the Mill also provided accommodation for its workers. This building would have housed three families, two downstairs and one upstairs. The house was lived in until around 10 years ago. In 1996, it was offered for sale to be demolished.

For us, this was a definite impulse buy. When the logs came for sale we just thought there would always be some use for good timber. In the autumn of 1996, the house was demolished; logs were numbered and moved to the current location on the shore of Lake Vuonisjärvi. The timber frame was re-erected and a new roof built.

Little by little, the building started to take form as we acquired more materials. A couple of years went by when nothing happened but then in 2001 the wood-heated ovens and the chimney were built. In 2003, pipes for the thermal heating were dug underground by the lakeshore, and finally in the autumn we could start some "real work". In 2004, it all looked nearly finished.

At the beginning, we were planning this to be a place for our children to spend their holidays and where perhaps we could have moved when our son had taken over the farming. However, the house would have been in very little use. Why let a beautiful building stand empty? So, another change of plans and Tapion Tupa was to be let to provide extra income for the farming business. We hope that Tapio, the Finnish Spirit of Forest after whom the house is named, will look after the building and those who stay here, nestled under the rugged face of Pitkävaara.

Enjoy your holiday, the surroundings and each other in this beautiful and peaceful place!

With best wishes,

Ritva and Matti

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